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    Search Tips:

    • Use more general search terms
    • Check for correct spelling or try a different word
    • Don't put quotation marks in your search terms, as the search engine will not recognize them

    Are you having trouble finding the product you are looking to buy? Below are a few tips that should help you get the best results from our search engine: 

    Be General
    Our search engine is designed to help you zero in on what you want, even without a specific search term. Your best bet is to enter a fairly general term and/or just the most important words (e.g., "digital camera" or "Sony") and then click the specific links in the initial results to zero in on the right product. Entering overly specific search terms (e.g., "Sony Mavica M100 digital camera with extra memory cards and carrying strap") will not tend to generate the best results. 

    Check Spelling
    Typos are the most common reason for unsatisfactory search results. If you're not sure how to spell a product or brand name (e.g., "Satellite Receiver" or "Minolta"), try a more general term (e.g., "digital" or "TV") and use the product or brand links in your initial results to select the correct match. 

    Search All of the Categories
    To ensure that you get the most possible results from your search, you should select "All Categories" from the dropdown menu below the search box. Even if you think you know which category a product would be found in, it's often best to search the whole site and narrow down to the right category with the links in your initial results. 

    Don't Use "And" or "Or"
    Our search engine does not recognize "and" or "or" as search terms. If you want to combine multiple terms into a single search, just type all of the words into the search box (e.g., use "TV VCR" instead of "TV and VCR"). 

    Don't Use Punctuation or Symbols
    Avoid using anything other than words in your search terms. Punctuation and symbols (e.g., ?, !, &, @ or $) will tend to generate bad search results. For a brand or product that has punctuation or a symbol in its name, just use the words (e.g., use "Dolce Gabbana" instead of "Dolce & Gabbana"). Also, Don't put quotation marks in your search terms, as the search engine will not recognize them. 
    Don't Use Abbreviations or Nicknames
    Because our search engine only recognizes the manufacturer-designated name for a product, do not use abbreviations, nicknames or slang words to search for an item (e.g., use "digital camera" instead of "dig cam"). 

    Don't Run Words Together
    If you are searching for a product with a multiple-word name, make sure to include a space between each word (e.g., use "digital camera" instead of "digitalcamera"). 

    Don't Enter URLs/Web Addresses
    Avoid using Web addresses (e.g., "www.sony.com") as search terms. Only use product-based keywords, such as the brand or product name (e.g., "Sony" or "digital camera").


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